Fresh Meat FAQ

What happens at recruitment?

Fresh Meat Information Session will cover what to expect while being in Fresh Meat. Fresh Meat is a 3 month program where you skate twice a week with your Fresh Meat Mistresses. They will teach you how to skate, stop, fall, and transition. About half-way through the program, there will be a midterm assessment to review your skills. After the midterm assessment, you will learn derby basics like blocking, pivoting, and jamming. At the end of Fresh Meat, you will have a final assessment to see if you are safe enough to play with experience skaters! If contact is not your thing, you are still encouraged to finish Fresh Meat if you want to be a skating official.

Our Fresh Meat Mistresses are here to make sure you learn all the skating skills you need to master for your basic skills assessment. If you’re just getting back on skates after a long hiatus, or if you’ve never been on skates, feel free to just skate around for a bit to get used to them again.

All skaters are required to wear quad roller skates (we have rentals!  See info below under “Where to Buy Roller Derby Gear”), elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, a helmet, and a mouthguard. If you have gear of your own, great! Bring it with you. If you don’t, you’ll need your own gear once you pass your basic skills assessment and start attending regular practices.  Protective gear and skates can be purchased at Single Track Bikes or Flagstaff Sports Exchange.  Always feel free to ask another skater for advice!

What else should I bring to my first practice?

1.      Wear comfortable clothes you can work out in

2.      Mouthguard (available at sporting goods stores)

3.      Photo ID

4.      Paperwork (hooray!): you must fill out a skater application, waiver, and emergency contact information BEFORE you put skates on. Our recruitment coordinator will have these materials available.

5.      A positive attitude and willingness to learn

What skills do I need to learn to become a High Altitude Roller Derby skater?

Before you can play derby, you will need to master some basic roller skating skills. We’re not talking about tricks and fancy footwork; we’re talking about the basic skills that will allow you to feel comfortable on your skates, for your safety and the safety of those around you. Once you’ve filled out paperwork and have some skates on, one of our Fresh Meat Mistresses will help you learn proper form and basic skills, including: posture, stride, falls, stops, stepping, one-foot glides, crossovers, 8 on the floor, squats, lateral motion, weaving, hopping, focus, and speed/endurance.

The more comfortable you are on your skates, the better skater you will be, pure and simple.

What if I don’t pass on the first try?

You can do your assessments incrementally. If you fail some skills, keep practicing them. Feel free to ask veteran skaters for help, or to watch you and give feedback. When you can perform the skill, you may ask to be reassessed. This also goes for our advanced assessment.

What if I get hurt?

Roller derby is an aggressive contact sport and injuries are common, from bumps and bruises to torn ligaments and broken bones. HARD does not require you to have health insurance to play, but it is STRONGLY recommended.  All skaters must have supplemental WFTDA insurance (around $70/year) once they begin the Fresh Meat program.  Your Mistresses will fill you in on the details of these insurance requirements.

How much time will HARD take?

Skaters are required to attend 2/3rds of practices and monthly league meetings. Additionally, as a skater-owned and operated league, everyone is expected to make some contribution to the league. You should expect to spend some time each week tending to league business: meetings, promotion, events, planning, etc. We need help from ALL league members to keep things running smoothly!

How much does roller derby cost?

The biggest expense will be your equipment. You’ll need to purchase and replace skates, protective gear, and other incidentals on an ongoing basis. There is gear out there for practically any budget — we usually recommend that Fresh Meat invest in a roller derby “rookie package” offered by a lot of online vendors – it will make sure you’re adequately protected while you’re learning the game without breaking the bank. You can always invest in swankier gear later.

We collect dues to help cover the costs of practice space and running the league. Skater dues are currently $50 per skater per month.

What else do I need to know about joining HARD?

In addition to developing your skating skills, you’ll need to learn the rules of the game. HARD practices by the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) standards and you will be tested on WFTDA rules as part of your advanced assessment. They’re about 40 pages long, so it’s never too early to start reading:

Of course, the best (and most fun!) way to learn roller derby is to watch it. A LOT. So, come to our practices and events, either as a spectator, skater or volunteer.  This is a GREAT way to get up-close and personal with the derby life, and get to know how we roll. In addition to HARD’s scrimmages and bouts, there are a number of leagues within a few hours’ drive of Flagstaff that are worth checking out as well.

The Derby News Network video casts many national bouts. If you have good internet streaming capability, it’s worth checking them out as well.

Where to buy Roller Derby Gear:

We have rental skates!  You can rent them from us at the facility during Skate Skills Weekend, open skates, and Fresh Meat practices for $2/day.  You cannot take them outside the facility.

Single Track Bikes
575 Riordan Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 773-1862
If you mention you are in Fresh Meat, you will get a discount! Single Track Bikes sells SISU mouthguards, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, S1 Helmets, and skates! You can try on the gear to make sure you get an appropriate size.