Come be a part of the fastest growing women’s sport in history!

Who can join High Altitude Roller Derby?

All skaters must be 18 or over, and female. Men 18 and over can join as referees, announcers, coaches, or other volunteers. Anyone of any age can help support High Altitude Roller Derby through promotion, fundraising, sponsoring, and attending events and bouts.

When can I join?

We hold special “Fresh Meat Bootcamps” several times a year, so check back on this page often to see if there’s one coming up soon! We welcome new volunteers at any time, contact us at and let us know you’re thinking about joining the crew.  

Do I need any sports experience to play roller derby?

It’s helpful, but no. Roller derby is a physically demanding sport that requires speed, endurance, agility, strength, good awareness and communication skills. The more in shape you are, the more quickly you’re apt to pick up basic skating and derby skills, and the less likely you are to become injured. We’ve found that skaters with hockey, rugby, and other skating or sports backgrounds pick up skills more quickly. That said, many of our girls never played sports until they discovered roller derby and have grown to be remarkable athletes. We encourage skaters to work out and cross train outside of our regular practices in order to stay in shape.